Creative Content & Contributions

Cooking Instagram Page

On this Instagram page, I like to share the meals that I make, along with the recipes to them. I’ve loved cooking since I was very young. I love creating my own different dishes.

Lauren Perrine Lookbooks

Previous Fashion Blog on WordPress

Lauren Perrine Lookbooks was my first fashion blog that I started while I was in high school. I used this blog to display my personal style for each season. 

Hawk Chill

These are all posts that I have contributed to on a blog that is run by Saint Joseph’s University students. I enjoyed producing content that other students would find to be interesting and helpful. 

We Tried These Crazy Diets So You Don’t Have To!

My friends and I each tried a crazy cleanse (that some people actually do). We performed this experiment to see what it would be like to be on a severely restricted diet.  We also thought that people would be interested to find out about our experiences and results. This post includes a YouTube video that is a compilation of all of our vlogs during our three-day cleanse period. 

VSCO – A Public Way To Get Personal

This post is an analysis of how VSCO has affected society and how society has affected VSCO. 

Boo’d Up

This post captures different couple and group Halloween costume ideas that people can use with their boo(s).

Dress Well, Test Well?

We performed an experiment to see if dressing well to class actually improved our engagement in class and increased productivity.  

Late-Night Philly Grub

This is an informative post, geared toward college students, about restaurants in Philadelphia that are open late. This post includes our reviews, the price ranges, times of operation, and some special things that each restaurant has to offer. We thought this would be found useful by our peers, to fulfill their late-night munchies and and study break urges!

Personal Blogs

Personal Instagram

This is the main social media platform that I use to display my style, photography, photo-editing skills, interests, and some memorable parts of my life! I’ve always loved using art forms to express myself and the things I enjoy, whether it was through dancing, drawing, painting, writing, or producing digital media. 

Personal VSCO Account

This is the another photo-editing app that I frequently use to display my photography. These photos often are of fashion, people I love, quotes, and random places and things that I find interesting enough to capture.